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who were the perpetrators, what are the circumstances, and why did it happen. we get some inkling and have a discussion of what the implications are for policy, what we might do to prevent something from this happening again in the future. when it's guns, when the killer is a shooter, the answer is nothing. we are told this just happens. but if it gets put in a special category called terrorism, then the answer is, everything must be done, no cost should be spared, no legal precedent should stand in the way. once it gets put in the terrorism bucket, we must do everything in our power. no one ever says people are going to die from terrorism, that's just the way it is. and if it's in the gun bucket, yeah, 30,000 people are going to die every year from guns. that's just the way it is. why is that the case? in the last 30 years, there have been 30,000 to 40,000 gun deaths in the united states per year, more than 900,000 people. in the last 40 years since 1970, there have been about 3,400 terror-related deaths, depending how you define terror according to the integrated united states s
remains unclear and unknown is who perpetrated the terrorist attack. it does not necessarily have to be perpetrated by a foreign terrorist group. it could be a domestic situation. it could be an individual. it's way premature to classify it as a foreign terrorist attack. to pin it on any particular group, because we just don't know. but certainly two coordinated bombs suggest a coordinated attack planned in advance someone who knew what they were doing. it seems like ieds to me. that again doesn't say like former c.i.a. friends and people in the military tell me they experienced in iraq. it doesn't suggest that it has anything to do with iraqi nationals or foreign military person, but that's what it looked like, a coordinated attack by someone who knew what they were doing. >> and there were bombs that didn't go off and the police had to set some of them off and were warning people about them in the area as well. now in is speculation that it might be homegrown. senator feinstein said we don't know if it's homegrown. some of it is centered around the significance of this time of y
the perpetrator that you're getting close. >> you keep saying perpetrator. can i assume -- >> no, no, no, don't read anything into that. >> you didn't say perpetrator or perpetrators. >> oh, all right. >> am i being too -- >> i'm not really being cute, wolf. >> i understand that. >> i just want people to understand that i am patient with this for a reason. it is -- it has something to do with my own experience with large criminal investigations, and my respect for the quality of this investigation and the thoroughness of it. >> is this the biggest investigation you personally have ever been engaged in? >> it certainly feels like the most pressing. anyone at any given time feels critical to the victims. but we have all been victimized all throughout this city, all across the frankly, in the country. and it is important that we get to the bottom of this. but it's also important we get to it in the right way. and in a way that sticks. and that's why some amount of patience is going to be required of us. >> do you know if we will have an fbi briefing today? >> i don't know. i don't think so. but
for the crime of which he was convicted so he got a dna to prove he was not the perpetrator of that crime. >>host: what is the innocence project? >>guest: at the university law school in new york has come up with a variety of cases and techniques with leading it dna to support individuals who are in prison and appeal to the it organization to say i didn't do it. now you have to have a pretty thick skin because many people in prison offer the same claim but the staff go through cases pretty thoroughly and, but the ones they really feel this guy did not do it then they come to the rescue. >>host: how you feel about prosecutors? >> they have a tough job to do and we live in a system that is adversarial in nature. you have a prosecutor on the one hand and a defense attorney on the other and if they are both abiding by their ethical code they both do the best job that they can and somehow the truce is to be merged. our system has flaws still the ideal of the world so i hold no grudge but i do believe they do their best work and defense attorneys doing their best work develop hopefully the trut
the perpetrates of this act hoped to shake the confidence of a city, they only strengthened the resolve of the nation this became apparent immediately as first responders ran toward unknown dangers. these amazing americans, some of whom charged through fences and barricades, put their own lives on the line to help others. we are so thankful for these women and men who on a daily basis sacrifice for our nation. they are our friends, our family, our neighbors. join me in praying for them and the victims of this tragedy, the victims' families and their support system, to those who uld attack america and our citizens, let me say this. there is no corner on earth, no hiding place in america, that will keep us from finding you. the leaders of this country will do everything in our power to bring justice for the family and communities impacted. our freedom is our most precious possession. any effort to take it away will only strengthen our determination because the greatness of america is not seen in times of prosperity but crystallized by how we respond to challenges wetch will stand strong,
that killed three. with one of the alleged perpetrators in custody, the debate over how authorities should proceed will be at capitol hill. it being debated whether the u.s. citizen should be designated as an enemy combatants and questioned
? >> well, the best way is to get the perpetrator and find out. this could have been a home grown terrorist. one would think that this may or may not have been a jihadist or a terrorist associated with a formal terrorist association. remember, the war is really against a certain kind of etology. so this individual could have embraced that mind set. >> history suggests that when an event like this happens, somebody eventually takes credit for it in some fashion or another. are you surprised that hasn't happened yet? >> no. >> it becomes this chaotic bombing that has no meaning if somebody's trying to make a statement. >> obviously, there was a motive. what the motive is, you and i can only speculate. if there's only one individual involved and that individual is on the run, who knows why there hasn't been a telephone call for somebody taking credit. it may or may not happen. but at the end of the day, the source of information that will lead us to the perpetrator is with that -- the unexploded twic twi devices. >> and we still don't have muchd definitive. i mean, based on the way this was pl
to the perpetrators, we are learning more about just how the explosives were made. law enforcement officials familiar with the case say they appear to have consisted of an explosive and shrapnel backed inside a pressure cooker, probably triggered by some kind of timer. if that is the case, we have seen this before. one of the three devices used in the 2010 attack in times square incorporated a pressure cooker containing approximately 120 fire crackers. a soldier, nazir abdul, convicted last year of plotting an attack at ft. hood, texas, was using a bomb-making recipe from an al qaeda-linked online magazine that used a pressure cooker. in july of 2006, more than 130 died in a series of attacks on the mumbai transit system with pressure cooker explosives placed on the trains. the department of homeland security has warned of the potential terrorist use of pressure cookers saying "as a common cooking utensil, the pressure cooker is often overlooked when searching vehicles, residences, or merchandise crossing the u.s. borders." now, of course, there's still much more that authorities want to know about t
and targeted or initiated into perpetrating, which i dealt with last week, are perpetrators and aggressors, so i wanted to work on that so i'm working with kids and with aspergers and autism and one thing that struck me is we need to be able on the flip side, so i'm now writing to kids when you are the one that has more of a thick skin, whatever you want to call it, how do you interact with kids who are more sensitive? just how do you do that? how do you recognize the signs when you're around somebody that does calibrate and has a different definition and what bothers them and what doesn't and if we can do that and i'm asking autistic kids and asperger's kids and normal kids and what are the things that trigger these things and what can we do and i want you to know what i am doing right now and i am working with boys and i finished the porn section and honest i'm doing all of it and why do girls send naked pictures and this week we're creating concrete strategies and scenarios so they can picture what to do when they are up either way against these dynamics and if we work together this way a
of the perpetrator that murdered willie allen. >> okay. thank you. and we have our mayor's damage . >-- budget director. >> good afternoon. the item is for authorization to doe one for providing information leading to the prosecution ultimately guilty plea of the perpetrator of the murder of willie allen. in 2006 mr. allen was murdered. as of 2008 his murderer was still unknown. at that time in 2008 mayor newsom approved awards up to $250,000 for this case and along with additional 15 murder cases. the police department and the da both affirm that the individual who we're requesting receive this award came forward recently and provided information for the arrest of the suspect responsible for the murder and testified in the prosecution in the case and lead to the suspect's ultimate plea and we are supporting this award by the da office. generally of awards of this type the administrative code allows the mayor to authorize the award up to $100,000 and most cases by the mayor and notified to the public and this is a large award. in order to do an an award greater than $100,000 and confirm
and even substation on that cup role >> we believe the perpetrator or perpetrators were familiar with fiber optics they knew where to go and they knew where to cut. they were able to take out critical growing at the pga and station. the costing of the power was desman intentional, so if you like to call that sabotages that's what it is. faugh >> pam: asking people to cut down on their electrical issue because of the incident in santa clara. >> temperatures were significantly warmer this afternoon, including the north bay were 70 in santa rosa.60 aken, kurt 67 down and redwood city a little cooler and the coastline. right nouns still little breezing, i just one acquit this evening. we did see a wind advisory in effect but that expired or around 5:00. so right now we're expecting these winds to die down. we will also see one or conditions all have more on that coming up. >> >> pam: the computer glitch that grounded all planes for hours. and preteens and coarse and courts for assaulting a 15 year-old later took her own life. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back i
communities can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that two perpetrators that caused so many pain and anguish are no longer a threat to our safety and communities. >> and with that, the state-wide manhunt was over. the teen the fbi described as suspect number two in custody. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev found inside a boat in watertown, massachusetts. and many cheered the law enforcement officials that successfully tracked him down. the suspect's brother, tamerlan tsarnaev was killed earlier after a gunfight with police. he left behind dreams of becoming a world-class boxer, and we found a youtube page in his name linked to islamic websites. and then tamerlan tsarnaev was quoted as saying i don't have a single american friend. i don't understand them. he and his brother are from the russian caucuses, an area that includes the war-torn regions of chechnya and dagestan. the younger brother became a u.s. citizen on september 11th of last year, and tamerlan followed and got a green card. dzhokhar won a scholarship before enrolling at the university of massachusetts. and people we spoke to said t
will be trying to figure out what made the perpetrators tick but now there is a psychological component for the victims, and for survivors. some of the runners of the boston marathon they could experience survivor's guilt, right, for bringing family and friends to marathon, for being there, people who ended up getting hurt. tell us a little bit about the survivors and five, six days on from this original event what people are going to be feeling, why some people could get it and why some might not. >> right. what we do know is that people who do have survivors guilt, these are individuals of course who are in reality blameless. it is not their fault that people that they know were hurt or may have been killed. so what we need to do with them is to work with them, debrief them, bring the reality testing, if you will, into the picture to let them know that, in fact, the actions of what happened had nothing to do with them but had to do with the terrorists in this particular case and just getting them, christine, just to talk about it, begins to get them to understand that their responsibi
that we serve is 14-24. and are victims and perpetrates -- perpetrators of violence. they want us to bring up the focus in district 11 on jobs, and after-school programming for high school and middle school students. senior services. and revitalization of the broad randolph street and mission street corridor. district 11 is unique, we have been an under-resourced district and we need more from the city. we are committed and organized and have capacity. we are willing to work with the city to improve our district. and are asking for a meeting with the mayor, and workforce development and other city departments to set a plan of action in place. we want to make district 11 equally inviting and welcoming part of san francisco as other districts are. so i don't want to take up too much time. that's briefly what we are here -- the omic would like to present to the panel today. thank you. rrn fors fo they told me to stand in one place, i am use this mic. before i bring up eric mcdonald from the united way. raise your hands if you have comment cards, we will give you one more opportunity get those
knew the perpetrator immediately. this was the first successful bombing done since 9/11. >> is there anything in here that tells you that this was domestic related? >> well, i mean you kcan go bot ways on it. obviously you know tax day may be a protest but if tax day and you were protesting the government you would want to hit a government facility. my leaning is that considering the person of interest who they picked up and not necessarily guilty i want to add is of foreign origin that this looks like it's leaning toward that direction. >> do you have a sense of how these bombs were coordinated? we're hearing that there were the number floats but there were multiple other unexploded devices that were found? two that we know exploded. you know this is just from a layman's perspective who probably watched too many movies in the past but are there timers involved and would timers tell you something different than something that could be activated with a cell phone? >> first of all every bomb has a signature and there are bomb experts that specialize in unraveling the si
the dna to prove he was not the perpetrator of the crime. >>host: what is the innocence project? >>guest: from the university of law school has come up with a variety of cases and techniques with the leading one been dna to support individuals to appeal to that organization i did not do in a. behalf to have a pretty thick skin because many people offer that claim but the staff go through case is pretty fairly to come up with those they feel this guy did not do it. >>host: how do you feel about prosecutors? >> they have a tough job to do and we lived within a system that is adversarial in nature you have a prosecutor on the one hand and a defense attorney on the other both abiding by a people's ethical code is doing the best job they can in the adversarial system and somehow the truth should be merged in the center of what they do. our system has flaws the system everybody looks to and i hold no grudge against prosecutors but i do believe they do their best work and defense attorneys doing their best work for the trees in the middle then the jury system trying to make sure things are done
, not perpetrator, was the centennial park bombing. it was a high security, outdoor sporting event with a huge public presence. the weapon used was a pipe bomb and one person was killed by 111 were injured. james, i guess the question to you was how do you begin trying to track down who did this? obviously, there's a wealth of data presented in those pixels. pete williams talked about getting the fragments of the pressure cooker. where are you going igt rooigt now if you're an investigator? >> chris, the way this work is this investigation is basically an iceberg. the part you see is the small top. the agents and detectives on the ground in boston picking up the fragments of the bomb debris, picking up the bomb components. they're going to the hospital, retrieving component parts from victims, from doctors and they're putting that device together and their going to be able to put that device together. it's going to be able to be put together. like humpty dumpty. >> piece by piece. within 98% of the original, actual device. >> atf and fbi and bomb squad detectives have been blowing things for u
to something. means they might be closer to identifying the perpetrators, nailing it down. you certainly don't want to get ahead of yourself. years later under your stewardship by might point out before they finally found an apprehended the right guy i can understand that, but do you think that is what is in place? in. >> as far as we know, it may be that they feel like if they identified someone that they have of a strong focus on or even that they're talking to it would tip off people who are related to him or are involved with him in some way. i assume this is a man, but that is probably inappropriate. there is a real danger in making assumptions because assumptions always provide the potential of you excluding other possibilities as long as you are chasing the assumption. what law enforcement officials, they're doing a great job. especially the people with their feet on the street your coming the area and piece by piece to putting the evidence together. there are times when it is best and in the best interest of public safety not to make disclosures. i would commend the fbi. if it does n
by the -- but the united states was attacked by cts of sheer evil, perpetrators who did not care about innocent people and innocent lives. they thought it better to kill, maim, destroy. a sick, twisted, evil human being or human beings would do that. but we saw 9/11/2001 vividly clear. there actually are people who are so radical, so mean, so they o twisted that actually believed they could make for themselves a way to paradise by killing innocent people, killing children, not even old enough to have really done anything wrong. an that is what they obviously felt would make their great mark in the world. i can't help but strongly believe with all my heart that unless they repent and find grace, they are in for a very rude awakening in the next life. it is my hope as well that the individual or individuals who were responsible will be held to account with a death penalty that will be implemented behind closed doors, without cameras present, without an opportunity for them to yet insult or hurt anyone else theambings done enough -- else, they've done enough. we'll await to see who it is that ends up be
the perpetrator might get the death sentence but if they do not have particular relatives or loved ones left behind than the perpetrator may escape the death sentence. but i would lay awake at night what is the ready answer? it does seem relevant what the impact is. injustice lewis powell said that isn't relevant. just look at the crime and the criminal. and then in another case the court granted the expedited decision and in the washington d.c. supreme court. >> and only the change of personnel. >> the consequences are fascinating if you die with the relatives to speak for you is a different situation. is your sentence dependent upon survival of the victims' relatives? scary stuff. >> i still think that is a tough call. i don't know the right answers but fortunately we just have to present the question properly and we don't have to have the answers. also you understand the real difference between having an opinion which we are all entitled to a and making as a decision. john roberts when nominated but just that in the confirmation hearings for the have to make a decision when lives are on t
will scour everything they have for home grown perpetrators, but they will look at everything overseas as well. >> reporter: you know, as you said, barbara, one of the defining things right now about this investigation, there are no claims of responsibility. fascinating that we have a claim of nonparticipation already from the pack kiss stap any taliban. barbara starr at the pentagon. thank you. >>> joining us live from washington is james carafano. he's a security expert. he's a vice president at the heritage foundation. thank you for being with us. you heard the report from barbara starr. the idea that investigators are looking for signatures that might be left behind that could lead them ultimately to the people who pulled off this attack. what are you seeing right now? >> well, this is really the most important thing for people to understand is a lot of us think investigations go the way we watch on these tv shows, but the reality is is you don't start with who are the suspects and then see if the evidence fits them. you start an investigation by laying out all the evidence and ask
or more before the attacks so your looking for the perpetrator or perpetrators planning those attacks, but even on that it would be tough. are you looking for suspicious characters? >> here's what we can do. we have a way of stitching together a lot of different video from a lot of different video sources and typically it's a half hour to 45 minutes prior to the time that the explosion went off that this individual or individuals planted these bombs. we also know that the bombs probably wasn't there earlier in the day. so, again, the time leading up about an hour leading up to what the explosions went off is critical, and a half hour after the explosions went off, that could be equally as critical as well because we may see someone in videos that maybe walked up to the scene a little before the explosions went off, and then was immediately seen leaving the scene. so any video or still photo, send that into the police because that could be the missing piece of the puzzle we need in solving this case, neil. >> neil: good words, rod wheeler, thank you very much. >> sure. >> neil: what is
remember the saudi suspect kind of washed out. so the perpetrators are still out there, and every day that passes, the case becomes a little bit colder and more difficult to piece together. but i'll remind your viewers, though, the 93 world trade center center bombing case was masterfully put together by the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office where they pieced together this forensics from the bombing device at the world trade center and were able to attribute that back to the terrorists, that would be ramsey yousef and the blind sheikh at prerp perpetrated that. i do think there's more of a sense of optimism between the fbi and joint terrorism task force in boston that they're getting closer. >> sir, thank you very much, good to talk to you again tonight and we appreciate you taking your time. and we can confirm that there was an arrest in the ricin that was sent to the president on capitol hill. one preliminary test did test positive today. >>> it went to the president of the united states as well. >>> rescuer workers at the scene of monday's bombing went into overdrive. within 15 mi
us on and pick us up if we fall. we know that. >> that's what the perpetrators of such senseless violence. these small, stunted individuals, who would destroy instead of build and think somehow that paks them important. that's what they don't understand. our faith in each other, our love for each other. our love for country, our common creed that cuts across whatever superficial differences that may be -- that is our power. that's our strength. that's why a bomb can't beat us. that's why we don't hunker down. that's why we don't cower in fear. we carry on. we race. we strive, we build and we work and we love and we raise our kids to do the same, and we come together to celebrate life and to walk our cities in and to cheer for our teams when the sox and celtics and patriots or bruins are champions again, to the chagrin of new york and chicago fans, the crowds will gather and watch a parade go down boylston street and this time next year -- on the third monday in april -- the world will return to this great american city to run harder than ever and to cheer even louder for the 118t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 690 (some duplicates have been removed)